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Career Advice - 5 Great Careers for Analytical Thinkers

Posted: Tue 13th October 2009 | Author: | Comments: [0]

Intelligence is a wonderful quality. Debate continues on whether there is such a factor as ‘general intelligence’ or is ‘specific intelligence’ more realistic. Others say intelligence can be categorised as analytical, creative or practical.

People are seldom good at all activities but usually excel in a smaller range of activities. Were they born like that or were they were taught? Do they think a particular way or was it the only way they knew?

5 Great Careers for Analytical Thinkers;

  1. Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical Engineering is the branch of engineering behind the design, construction, science and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft. Projects range from large commercial and defence aircraft, helicopters, missiles, launch vehicles, satellites, systems and components, through to consultancy work for the aviation community.


2.  Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant is a specific variation on a tradition accountant. They deal exclusively with accounting from a legal sense.


3.  IT Systems Engineer

An IT Systems Engineer focuses on providing technical support, consulting and expertise to businesses. Roles within the industry tend to start at a lower technical level and gradually increase based on skill, knowledge and ability to address technical and non-technical problems and communicate their resolution, especially to non-technical people.

4.  Mathematician

Use mathematics to solve problems and make predictions in economics such as the cost of natural disasters associated with insurance risk; in science for predictions related to the weather, oceans and sil erosion; and in business to determine financial market growth and financial risk and to analyse market research and clinical trials results.


5.  Meteorologist

Meteorologists study the atmosphere and make predictions about the weather conditions that are expected over land and sea.

If ‘Creative Thinkers’ are often the envy of society, then ‘Analytical Thinkers ‘ are surely the backbone of society and they too have a fantastic range of career opportunities available to them. Their efforts will frequently deliver problem solving, utilise complexity of thought and overcome major obstacles to find a solution. Their thinking is often mathematically or science based, full of logical and sequential thought, based upon rich and accurate information. You can be sure their advice is mistake free.They too attain high achievement, immense personal satisfaction, reward and recognition, not to mention bucket loads of money.

Analytical thinkers enjoy problem solving, finding fact based solutions, gathering information, deciphering data, finding facts and proof of evidence. Structure and process is the environment they feel most comfortable with, they must get it right preferably first time and will stick with their analysis until they have reached their personal criteria for success. They fear mistakes.

If your career depends on your analytical thinking, the management style of your immediate boss is important you understand. Often managers have high achievement, steam roller styles with a preparedness to take calculated risks. They will often create artificial deadlines. As an analytical thinker, you are likely not to respond to this style. Accuracy and reliability are more important than deadlines and checking and rechecking results to reduce commercial risk. Tell them the management style you best respond too and what style will get the best quality of work from you.

Also be aware of the image you project. Analytical thinkers can often fall into the trap of being introverted, lost within the world of research and fact finding detached from others. Your natural conservatism, pedantic eye for detail is easily misunderstood as being cold and reserved, overly cautious and too steady as she goes.  Take care your analytical style does not get you overlooked for leadership opportunities. Practice juggling the art of being a chameleon – change your style to suit the occasion.

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