General Description
This is an ideal career for analytical thinkers. As a wool classer you classify wool into different categories ready for sale at markets to attract maximum competition at sale time. You classify the wool according to its various characteristics such as, colour, length, strength and quality.

What you do every day?
Your workload in any one shearing shed will vary depending on the size of the flock shorn and the number of staff available to complete the work. You are classing wool according to its various characteristics such as colour, length, strength, and quality. With your experience and knowledge you are able to advise growers on woolclassing strategies, as well as instructing and supervising workers employed during the shearing. Depending on your role as a wool classer you may be required to liaise with wool brokers or advisory institutions.

The preparation of detailed documents describing the wool qualities and characteristics must be kept. You prepare wool to existing industry standards and ensure the wool is prepared to this standard. When the wool is being baled, there may be the need to supervise the wool pressers on branding.

Personality that best fits this occupation
Wool classers will need to have a certain level of physical fitness. You will enjoy travel, as you will spend much of your time travelling to and from properties throughout the shearing season. Depending on the size of the property, you may be working as a part of a team, so will need excellent communication and analytical skills. You are good with your hands and have normal eyesight (you will be assessing wool for different qualities).

Best thing about this career
You get to travel from place to place, for work and get to see some amazing country sides. The ability to become well known in the towns from which you work constantly is always a bonus, especially in small country towns.

Worst thing about this career
Travel times may be extremely long, and the days possibly long, especially at the peak of the shearing season. You may not get to socialise with your closet of friends as often as you may like due to travel commitments. Being in a shearing shed environment requires working under varying environmental conditions


Education Qualifications
To become a wool classer you will need to complete a Certificate IV in Wool Classing as well as a completion of Year 10. You may be able to become a wool classer via an apprenticeship, which will also see you needing to complete Year 10. Various registered Training organisations, such as TAFE (Australia wide), have courses available, but we would suggest you check with them for more detailed information as well as entry requirements.

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