This is an ideal career for creative thinkers. Web designers generally work on the layout and visual appearance of websites and online marketing material. You may work solely on the graphic design elements or across usability design, user experience design and even moving into the technical backend coding languages. A web designer can work across many fields within the realm of ‘web design’ depending on their skill, experience and interests.

What you do everyday
Depending on the experience of the designer, or the size of the company they are working in, a Web Designer can do various tasks and have multiple responsibilities.

Generally you are focused on the visual appeal of a web site design, the colour palette, imagery, font selection, content layout, use of interactive content such as flash and how all of these elements combine to produce an effective and attractive website.

Other responsibilities on a daily basis include managing other designers, consulting with clients, taking creative briefs and pitching concepts and ideas to clients in creative presentations.
Personality that best fits this occupation
Successful designers have a comfortable mix of passion and reason. You have to be able to defend your design decisions when you believe they are in the best interests of the site and the client, as well as being able to take constructive criticism and funnel that back into your design. As with all creative endeavours, website design is a very subjective field and people’s opinions on what is ‘good design’ varies dramatically.

Best things about this career
The best part of graphic and website design is the varied styles of work you get to work on during an average week. Each website is different and has to reflect the brand of the company or person it is representing. If you work in a good size agency with other designers you can learn a great deal in a short amount or time, bounce ideas around and really see your creativity come to life on the web.

Worst things about this career
Working long hours isn’t really something most designers have to put up with, although if you want to work in the advertising world, be prepared for late nights and frustrating comments from clients and Creative Directors. If you are sensitive about criticism you may have a hard time…

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