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Wool Classer

General Description This is an ideal career for analytical thinkers. As a wool classer you classify wool into different categories ready for sale at markets to attract maximum competition at sale time. You classify the wool according to its various characteristics such as, colour, length, strength and quality. What you do every day? Your workload [...]


Description This is an ideal career for creative thinkers. Winemakers, also known as Oenologists, plan, supervise and coordinate the production of wine. If you are a winemaker in a small estate, you may be responsible for the whole winemaking process, from the growing of the grapes to the bottling and marketing of the finished products. […]

Web Designer

Description This is an ideal career for creative thinkers. Web designers generally work on the layout and visual appearance of websites and online marketing material. You may work solely on the graphic design elements or across usability design, user experience design and even moving into the technical backend coding languages. A web designer can work [...]

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